I would like to thank Frenkel Hershkowitz and Shafran’s office for giving me and my family a professional and extremely convenient service in proceeding my case.  A special gratitude goes to Mr. David Barnett and his assistant Mr. Mina Khalil for walking us through the process smoothly and clearly, replying to all our questions promptly and efficiently, helping us in preparing our documents accurately and updating us through the entire process.  I can assure you that they know exactly what they are doing and they do it right.

Peter Z.

Excellent experience if you are applying for an O1 visa.  Mr. Uri and David Frenkel are both phenomenal and extremely professional. They go above and beyond to make sure you get the best outcomes.  I just renewed my O1-visa for the third time with them, and each time I felt my case was in the best hands.

Marta M.

Let me start by saying that especially my attorney Ms Esma Onal and my paralegal Ms Lyudmila Kozachkov are so courteous, knowledgeable and cooperative that the moment you walk into their law office, you know that you have made the right decision.  They gave me valuable assistance and advice.  Besides their professional knowledge and competence, I particularly appreciated their patience, empathy and understanding throughout the seemingly interminable immigration process.  Excellent, polite and highly informed staff across the board.  I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Other Staff at this law firm is kind, caring, efficient and great combination for success. Blessings and happiness for all!!!  In short they handled everything end to end in regards my case to get my green card. They were always ready when I called. I consider myself very fortunate that my wife referred law office of Frenkel, Hershkowitz & Shafran, LLP. Thanks for making one of my dreams a reality for that I will always be grateful. I can recommend them without any hesitation, just let them make your dreams come true.

Zee K.

I would like to thank Frenkel, Hershkowitz & Shafran LLP for providing me immigration services over the past 13 years. They are very professional and extremely helpful, I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have the team of legal experts I could rely on.  Thank you!

Varun C.

I was referred to David and Uri Frenkel by a friend (who had his O1 and then a green card successfully approved through them) and all I can say is – I was sure from day one judging by their great customer service and attention to detail that my case is in good hands.  My O1B was filed November 24th and got approved December 22nd, so in less than a month I had the visa in my hands, and that was due in no small part to the hard work they’ve invested in my case long before it was filed.  I’ve had easy to follow printed instructions and however many emails, phone calls and personal visits I needed for them to answer all my questions and prepare as best as possible. The fact that with them you only pay the government fees and a part of the lawyer fee up front and the rest only if you get your visa approved is not just very convenient but also indirectly speaks volumes about how their dedication, thorough preparation and great customer service play a big part in their success. If they weren’t as good and successful they wouldn’t survive in the most competitive city in the world for almost 50 years! I highly recommend their services and advertise them to anyone in need of help with immigration.

Mihajlo O.

Incredible team, they helped me through my immigration process and I recommend them highly. They are competent, very responsive and I trust them. Thank you! Especially Daniel, Melissa and Esma – you guys are amazing at what you do.

Baqhar S.

Frenkel, Hershkowitz & Shafran is THE BEST law firm to help with all immigration issues, especially O-1 visas.  I am on my 4th O-1 visa approved by them.  Mr. Frenkel is the rare type of law professional that is in the business because he truly wants to help others.  Their price is excellent.  Devorah Czegledi is another professional here that I highly praise and recommend.  She is efficient, works fast, and is super clear answering questions and problem solving the many moving pieces that are part of a visa application.  Their work is faultless.   Edit* it’s now years later, I did my Green Card application with them, attorney Esma Onal.  Excellent work.  I highly recommend this service.

Fernando A.

This is my first review ever, but after the amazing experience with Frenkel, Hershkowitz & Shafran I have to, because I know how difficult is to find a good, reliable and efficient immigration office.  Cindy Barakat and Mr. Daniel Frenkel helped me with the green card application and H1B extension.  Cindy was very responsive, organized and sensible with my case throughout.  Mr. Daniel Frenkel was always super professional, he gave feedbacks to all my concerns and made the process painless. THANK YOU!!!!  Highly recommended.

Omb B.

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